Production Systems

Topshelf|DS can help you Manage Your Production Operation
Meat - Seafood - Dry Age - Ground Beef - Rebox
Topshelf|DS Production Module integrates directly with Topshelf|DS's inventory and ordering systems to provide you with both Produce-to-Order as well as maintained Par Levels. Beginning with the customer order, Topshelf|DS captures both permanent and one-time Cut Specifications. Permanent specifications maintained by the Topshelf|DS at the customer, item and pack size levels. These specifications are automatically routed to the correct production location. Depending the setup of your operation, this may include Multiple Production Rooms or locations. Topshelf|DS clients are currently running all variations of production including meat, seafood, grinding, dry-age and rebox.
Topshelf|DS Production Batch Control
For larger operations or situation where you want more control on the product entering the room, the production batch control allows your production manager to Select the Source Products to be put into the room. Your production manager can initiate work orders into the room for Customer Orders,  Par Level production or Start-Up Prep. Integrated with the Topshelf|DS Portion Costing Models, the Production Batch Control will suggest the source products to be pulled. FIFO inventory turns will be maintained while still giving your the control on the selection of the product. For streamlined production runs, orders can also be Auto-Batched by Topshelf|DS following the rules setup in your portion models.
Topshelf|DS Paperless Product Pulls
Driven using either the Production Batch Control or our Production Pull Control Panel, Topshelf|DS allows your warehouse or production personel to be directed to the location of the product needed next in the room. FIFO defaults are built into the pulling process, but you have the ability to set specifics on PackerWeightAge or specific Slot location in the warehouse.
Topshelf|DS Real-Time Production Status
Regardless of the control options you are using for raw material pulls and cut work orders, Topshelf|DS will be able to provide you with real-time status on your production orders. This information is available to both the production and shipping areas allowing you to easily monitor the completion of work for staging, loading or delivery.
Topshelf|DS Portion Costing Models
Establishing accurate costing for your finished product is key to profitability in a production environment. Our portion costing models provide you with the ability to set your YieldCredit values, Packaging and LaborSource Item Selection and rules as well as packaging multiplier. Your Topshelf|DS system can also be configured to update your finished costing models at any frequency you determine, be it real-time with the receipt of new raw materials, daily or any other time-period you determine.
Topshelf|DS Value/Gain Reporting
Controlling the Profitability of your production areas is key to the success or failure of your operation. Being able to monitor this information Real-Time is also key in order to allow you to make adjustments or pinpoint raw material selection issues. Topshelf|DS provides you with this ability via it's integrated Value/Gain reporting. With the ability to run your analysis for any Production Dates and Times, as well as by Product Class and Grade, you will have the information you need to monitor your production profitability.
Topshelf|DS Industry Standard Labeling
The Topshelf|DS production module comes complete with industry accepted bar codes and USDA labeling. Your Topshelf|DS system will automatically support IngredientsCOOL (Country-of-Origin) identification, Best-by/Freeze-by dates and  Harvest dates for Rebox/Repack operations.
Topshelf|DS Custom Labeling Capability
Your Topshelf|DS system can be configured to support Multiple Customer or Product Specific label formats. This gives you the ability to support those customers that require you to meet their specific product labeling needs. This also gives you the ability to support labeling for multiple outlets should your operation label for both Wholesale and Retail product packaging.
Topshelf|DS Recall Reporting
Tired of digging through files or old reports to try and meet the inspector's requirements for that recall audit? Want to avoid the headache associated with a quality issue from the customer's delivery? Or it's the real-world and there is a batch recall from your supplier from product that went into your production room. Topshelf|DS integrated recall reporting will easily provide you with the information needed to meet all of these scenarios whether your recall be originated from your Supplier or Customer.