Topshelf|DS Sales
Provides for all of the sales and customer services tools needed to handle your cusotmers orders.
Topshelf|DS Easy to Use
In today's environment, the person handling the sale should also be able to get the order into your system. In Topshelf|DS, that was factored into the design. Salespeople have all of the information needed at their fingertips without having to search around through a complicated or non-intuitive interface. In all of our installation, we have Salespeople entering their own orders. Integrated into the order entry process is the customers' Ordering History. This information is automtically accumulated by Topshelf|DS and includes the Customers Cut Specifications by product and pack.
Topshelf|DS Price Book
Integrated into the Sales System is your customized Price Book. Each item in your SKU list can be defined in the price book by both major product class as well as sub-category. These Classifications are User Defined allowing you to organize your companies price book in a layout that meets your needs. Supporting up to six pricing columns gives you the ability to set both Mimumum as well as Suggested selling prices for your products. Costing basis may be driven by either Market or Inventory Values. Salespeople have the option of receiving either a PDF or Excel version of the book allowing them to manage the sales process, not a 3-ring binder.
Topshelf|DS Customer Bids
Do you have to provide your customer with weekly pricing on their specific items? Topshelf|DS automates allowing you to setup customer Price Letters. These price letters can be driven off weekly pricing Cost-Plus models or gives you the ability to set Fixed Pricing in order for you to protect your margins in a changing market. Letter's can be automatically E-mailed to your customers appearing as if it was printed on your Letterhead.
Topshelf|DS Contracts
Have a more formal pricing arrangement with your customer? Topshelf|DS contract system integrates directly into our Sales Module guaranteeing you to charge the correct sell price. Topshelf|DS also supports Automated Source Costing to a Purchase Order based on multiple selection rules. You can even specify Portion Model Yields that have been set between you and the customer for production items. Contract Audit Reporting allow you to provide your customers the audit information they require for their periodic supplier audits.
Topshelf|DS Electronic Ordering and EDI Capable
Do you have customers that require you to accept orders electronically? Do you need to need to pull orders from an eCommerce site? We have done it all before.
Whether your integration is following EDI X12 standards, communications is via XMLFlat File or other API, the Topshelf|DS order interpreter can be configured to have the order imported directly into your Topshelf|DS Sales System. Should you need to apply Order Review Requirements, Topshelf|DS can place the incoming orders to Require Approval, allowing you to release them for production or pulling. Alternatively, you can have Topshelf|DS only flag those orders that have Availability or Pricing concerns for your review and approval.
Topshelf|DS Automated Routing
Tied into Sales and Distrubution functions is an integrated routing system that will allow your shipping department to pre-set routing defaults for all of your customers. Be they pickups or delivered on your own trucks, Topshelf|DS will allow you to review route weights and quickly adjust loads and generate route sheets for your drivers.
Topshelf|DS Sales Management
An extensive toolkit is available to your management team to both Review and Adjust Open Orders as well as report an Analyze Sales History. Your sales management functions will allow you reporting at the item, customer and salesperson levels,  and at both average and market costs. Sales history information can either be obtained in PDF or Excel formats to easily allow you to review, analyze and distribute the information. Automated E-mailing of Reports can be setup to go directly to your salespeople on a daily or weekly basis.
Topshelf|DS Commissions
Commission reporting is available on a Fixed or Multi-Tiered schedule with you having the ability to base it on sales, gross profit dollars or percentage. Additional controls allow for you to set Minimum Level that have to be met to qualify for commissions such as Route Drop or gross profit dollars. Reporting is available on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis and can be setup to be E-Mailed directly to your salesperson.