Inventory & Warehouse Management

Topshelf|DS Inventory Management Systems
Our Inventory and Warehouse management systems are the heart of the Topshelf|DS system. Without good inventory information, the rest of your operation is working off of speculation and inaccurate costing. Topshelf|DS puts you in control of your inventory at the level that best meets your information needs taking into account both your facilties and personnel.
Topshelf|DS Bar Code Inventory Management Systems
With Topshelf|DS you will be able to track your entire inventory at any level of detail that best fits your company. With receipt of all product in your faciliity by packer barcodes, you will be able to view your inventory by Age by Pack DatePackerPO Number and actual Catch Weight. There is also support for receipt of Non-BarCoded product as well as custom scan interpretors for thos suppliers using Non-Standard Bar Codes. 
With this type of information you will be able to reduce shorts or NA shipments, increase your Pulling Accuracy to meet customers specific product requirements and maintain true FIFO product rotation.
Topshelf|DS Support for Off-Site Facilities
With your changing markets, but fixed facilities, off-site storage may be a reality in your inventory model. Topshelf|DS understands this and supports the Receiving or Transfer of product to these off-site facilities while still maintaining the inventory detail you need across your inventory management system.
Topshelf|DS Easy Enough for Hourly Employees
Have you ever had that software solution that advertised itself as sophisticated but was so complicated that no one in your company could figure it out? Topshelf|DS was designed for the real-world challenges which includes a Ease-of-Use that guides your operators through each product handling process. Overseeing this are Powerful Operator Controls that allow you to configure system functions. This provides you with the ability to give extensive tools to your power users while keeping your process level operators from making mistakes.
Topshelf|DS Multiple Product Selection Methods
Depending on your facility, customer ordering cycles, product types or system hardware, Topshelf|DS can be setup to provide the most efficent means for product selection. This includes Pick Path, Pre-Pulls or Hand Select, single order Will CallsRoute based pulling or Room (Cooler/Freezer). Integrated into these processes are the ability for print on-demand Shipping Labels with identification of customer order and routing information. This makes staging and driver delivery of the product easier as well.
Topshelf|DS Scan to Invoice
No more Hand-Keying! Topshelf|DS scan to invoice function provides for a level of pulling accuracy by product that you have only dreamed of. Linked directly into our pulling and production status reporting, you will not only be able to quickly see your progress in completing a route, but at completion all Fixed and Catch Weights will be pulled directly into the customers invoice. Substitutions and Case Breaks can only be done as part of the scanning process. Invoicing can then be done directly from your scanning equipment, by order in the office or for the entire route. It's up to you.
Topshelf|DS Iced Vat Tracking for Fresh Seafood
Topshelf|DS is used by companies that both Specialize Solely in Seafood as well as having Fresh Seafood Prouduction as a part of their operation. A key element of the management of inventory for fresh seafood is our ability to maintain accurate inventory information on Vatted and Iced product. Integrated into the Topshelf|DS Inventory Managment System are powerful controls for seafood that activate enhanced receiving procedures. This includes support for COOL (Country-of-Origin) tracking of product from receiving, to production, to shipment.
Topshelf|DS Pulling and Production Status
Give your shipping, production and sales managers the information they neet to see Real-Time Route Completion. Providing the status of your pull and production completion, you can stay ahead of schedules and be prepared for handling shorts and substitutions.
Topshelf|DS Warehouse Personnel Productivity Tracking
Tracking the productivity levels of you employees allows you to minimize the staff needed to meet your volume as well as provide incentive programs for the high performers. Performace of Cases-per-Man-Hour is integrated directly into each inventory function. 
Topshelf|DS Hardware Independent
Topshelf|DS does not require you to by high priced proprietary hardware. You decide what level of Scanning Equipment best meets your Volume and Budge. Since we are not locked into a single hardware platform, you can easily integrate in New Hardware Technology as it becomes available.